We offer quartz countertops for bathrooms or kitchens from such high-quality brands as Zodiaq, Caesarstone and Cambria, among others. Quartz has a unique and desirable combination of style and performance. It is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns to complement any decor. You may like a pale, veined white that mimics marble, a quiet ash gray, sophisticated cadet blue or attention-demanding saturated scarlet. While quartz is available in dozens of colors and patterns, they all share the same performance standards. Quartz is a very durable material that can be cleaned with soap and water and requires very little maintenance after installation. It is scratch resistant and if the surface is marred by an accident it can usually be repaired. The appealing look and solid presence of quartz makes it a superior material for countertops in the kitchen and bath.

Granite is the premium selection for stone countertops. It has unsurpassed elegance and longevity and undeniable cachet. Granite resists heat, stains and scratches. While it does need to be sealed periodically, our use of the most respected sealant in the industry during installation means you will have years of worry-free use between sealings. When we custom fabricate our counter tops from granite slabs Houston area homeowners enjoy the benefits. We are able to offer better color-matching between slabs and minimize the number of seams that interrupt the surface. This results in the most pleasing visual expanse for your counter. We offer granite countertops in a wide range of colors, from subtle to bold and in your choice of polished,leather or honed finish. When you want stunning looks and timeless durability for your home, you want granite. For granite countertops Houston depends on Traditional Designs Ltd. for the best in products and service.

Soapstone is a unique stone which is generally softer than granite and marble. It feels very soft or “soapy” to the touch which is how it got its name. Soapstone is not as commonly used as granite but it had wide uses in countertops and fireplace surrounds. It absorbs, retains and radiates heat because it is a very dense material. Soapstone has a very soft and smooth look and feel and gives the room a very warm feel.

Cambria is one of the only Quartz product that is manufactured in the USA. It’s made from 93% pure natural quartz, it’s harder than granite but won’t scratch or stain. If you love to cook – Cambria is a great option. It’s nonporous, nonabsorbent and won’t hold harmful bacteria plus it gives off zero emissions. Cambria surfaces are certified by GREENGUARD®. Just use warm water and mild soap to clean – no sealing or polishing required.

Travertine is part of the limestone family of stone. Travertine is formed when limestone is heated and pressurized by the earth’s crust. Travertine tile is both durable and beautiful. With natural earth tone coloring – travertine has a soft coloration which is ideal for kitchens, baths and foyers and can be used on walls and floor in both residential and commercial applications.

Onyx is a great alternative to granite, marble and other stone surfaces. Onyx countertops offer a dramatic and complex design with bold colors and swirling patterns. Onyx can be used for countertops and accent walls. We offer many Onyx color options perfect for your home or office.

mosaic tiles in sizes starting from 1″ x 1″ and up. Most come in 12″ x 12″ meshed back sheets for easy installation. Our selections are handpicked to help complement our extensive lines of granite, marble, quartz and other exotic countertop stone
Natural stone is the most beautiful and lasting material for countertops. It represents a timeless connection to the Earth, bringing into your home a feeling of deep comfort wrapped in the splendor of Nature’s beauty. Exploring our selection of quartz and granite will give you the opportunity to find the material that is right for you.
polished, Honed y leathered Edge option: ½ bullnose ½ bevel ¾ bevel - straight


These hard, natural materials are suitable for multiple uses. They may be installed indoors or out, on countertops, floors and patios. They are very long-lasting and are available in many patterns and finishes to suit any decor. Ceramic, porcelain and stone are appealing options in hot climates because they are naturally cool to the touch. However, you must keep in mind they have poor sound absorption qualities and are not forgiving surfaces in the case of a fall by either a person or object. Stone floors must be chosen wisely, but if they are right for you they will give your home a gorgeous look that will last a lifetime.
Tile floors have the advantage of offering an almost unlimited choice of colors and patterns. They are hardy, less expensive than many natural materials and easy to care for. Tile shows exceptional performance in entryways or other areas that may be exposed to wet shoes or muddy paws as it is resistant to moisture and stains.

Services We Provide

  • Full Panel Bathroom of Marble, Granite or Porcelain.
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  • Repair Marble, Granite and Silestone